Parth Goyal

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parth goyal

Parth Goyal

Parth Goyal is currently an MBBS Student at GRMC, Gwalior.
He has always been a science lover. Science fascinates him as it tells how humankind is able to explain the intricate complexities of the world by modelling the physical problems into the problems of mathematics. It is just amazing to see and learn how scientist uses their mind and tried to go into the deepest of everything. He was fascinated when he first learned about atoms, gravity, genetics etc. It was just like he wanted to know these things since childhood and somehow, they came into the school curriculum when he came to higher classes!!
During his preparation times, many times he finds it hard to get out of his table and go to sleep because a fascinating and challenging topic is going on in the textbook. He loves science so much that he can give his whole day reading quantum mechanics and doing nothing else. His goal is to help people and research something which no one has done before and dig to the deepest level of it to find something new and exciting !!
His Major Academic Achievements –

  • Secured AIR 223 in NEET (345/360 in Biology!)
  • Secured AIR 5364 in JEE ADVANCED
  • Selected in NSEB, KVPY, NTSE

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