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Objective NCERT Gear Up Series Combo Physics, Chemistry and Biology NEET 2021

  • Chapterwise Coloured Diagram Series.
  • NCERT Picks for Quick Revision, Topicwise NCERT Based MCQs.
  • Rank Booster to Enhance Problem Solving Ability.
  • NCERT Exemplar Problems with Accurate & Elaborate Solutions.
  • 2020 NEET Solved Papers.



Dr. Ajay Mohan, AIIMS/NEET Toppers, and Faculty Teams have Simplified the NCERT for you so that you can easily get grip on NCERT Biology, Chemistry & Physics. As the level of Biology, Chemistry & Physics is rising in exams, the student really needs to cop up with it. 2200+ pages and 16000+ questions of this book will help them to meet their expectations. As per the current trend, most of the questions asked in AIIMS and NEET are from NCERT Books. Our team tried to justify this objective by developing this book to provide each & every PMT Aspirant an opportunity to read the theory and practice MCQs which are directly extracted from NCERT Books. This is the only book in the market where all questions are provided with NCERT Page wise. References. According to my, aspirants should always go antegrade & read authentic theory from NCERT, supplemented by the Crisp Notes of NCERT given in this books for Biology, Chemistry & Physics, and then should attempt MCQs. This helps in remembering the subject and gives the confidence to attempt new questions easily. The goal behind writing this book is to give students very easy, lucid, and palatable material. This wonderful book helps aspirants to learn and self-assess Biology in the most efficient way.




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