Subhash Azad

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subhash azad

Subhash Azad

Mr. Subhash Azad is on a mission “To make physics as simple as sitting peacefully and looking around, observing the nature with a beautiful smile on face”.
Yes, that beautiful smile is missing nowadays, especially for the students preparing for competitive exams, his mission is to bring it back again.
An NIT (National Institute of Technology) Surat, Alumnus himself, strongly felt the requirement to recognise the entire syllabus and shrink it with the motto “Unlimited problems can be solved by paying attention to a very few limited concepts”.
His unique approach and razor-sharp insight developed the “Most wanted series”, entire syllabus in just 45 days, the success of which made him hugely popular among students. The present book is the script on which the movie called “Most Wanted Physics” is written.

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